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Collection: Electric Golf Trolleys

Powerhouse Electric Golf Trolley

The UK saw the first electric golf trolley in 1983 and they were only available from Joe Catford’s Powakaddy at the time. However now there are hundreds available. If you were to buy a specialist electric golf trolley, you could pay a staggering £2000 or more from some retailers.

The Electric Golf Trolley is solely designed to carry your golf bag, clubs and any other equipment you may have around the course for you, saving you the effort and the cost of hiring a caddy. The effort required to operate an electric golf trolley is minimal, basically, stop and go. Many of the electric Golf Trolleys have a lockable front or rear wheel which is usually applied using a lever, however with the creation of a new electric golf trolley every other week, it is hard to keep up to date with the very latest technology and advancements.

Powercruise Golf is proudly able to offer senior citizens, or those who are less mobile, an electric golf trolley with a difference…pounds, and not the weight type. If you buy an electric golf trolley from us you could save an absolute fortune.


If you are going treat yourself with an electric golf trolley browse our selection, were sure there will be something suitable for you.