GF04 Electric Golf Cart with Steering wheel -  Standard Batteries

GF04 Electric Golf Cart with Steering wheel - Standard Batteries

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GF04 Electric Golf Cart

FREE DELIVERY and TRAINING to any location within UK Mainland

GF04 single seat electric golf carts are capable of playing up to 27 golf holes on a single battery charge, and comes with a useful battery gauge display.  Golf bag storage rack behind the comfortable high-back seat, with front basket below steering wheel for additional storage.

These high quality single seat golf buggies have steering wheel driving control, and a foot pedal accelerator with both forward & reverse driving directions of travel.  The GF04 model electric golf carts come with additional front & rear body shroud covers (available in White or Silver colour) and the lightweight, portable vehicle easily dismantles into 4 pieces for easy transportation.


  • Speed = Up To 8 mph
  • Load Capacity = 200kg
  • Weight = 98kg / 102kg (with battery)
  • Normal Dimensions = 1460 x 762 x 1120 mm (57.5 x 30 x 44.1 inches)
  • Folded Dimensions = 765 x 580 x 280 mm (30.1 x 22.8 x 11 inches)
  • 27 Holes on Single Battery Charge
  • Forward & Reverse Gears / Directions
  • 2x 55ah Gel Batteries
  • 24 Volt 5AMP Charger
  • Steering Wheel Driving Control
  • Foot Pedal Accelerator
  • Front & Rear Body Shroud = White or Silver
  • Easily Dismantles Into 4 Pieces
  • Easy Transportation = Car Boot
  • Automatic Solenoid Brake
  • Battery Gauge
  • Tool Kit

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